Boffin Review Announces Top Three Antivirus

Boffin last month announced the top three antivirus software products and computer protection in 2013. They reviewed more than 10 detailed programs analysis and provided the pros and cons of each of the softwares.

[sc:postad ]Boffin placed Spyware Doctor, Intelinet Security 3.0 and Security Shield 2011 on the top three lists placed respectively.

Spyware Doctor was placed in the number one spot which has a reputation of being the most efficient virus removal software. Boffin reviewed it and found the product to have a user friendly interface which is compatible in both 32 bit as well as 64 bit windows platform. Spyware Doctor scored similarly as its competitors, but the variety of features it provides to the end user pushed it a step ahead.

The second on the list was Intelinet Smart Security. Intelinet provides comprehensive shielding against adware and malware thus giving the end user the freedom to surfing over the internet without having the fear of infected or breached.

The third is the Security Shield 2011, Boffin found it to be an efficient virus protection tool, especially for those who are heavy users of the internet. The software provides a Triple Threat Protection which not only protects its user from malware but also prevents identity theft and well as sensitive information leakage.

Boffin has been known for reviewing the latest technology products which are on their peak demand at the moment. They give an expert, straightforward and honest review so that the customer can select the right product that suits his or her needs.

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