Speed Up The Applications Using F5 Technologies

In the race of proving new utilities by different networking companies, F5 has not left behind. As they say, change is the necessity of life, F5 has come up with one such change to keep progressing in the market. They have brought up Application Acceleration Manager, which will provide the advanced application acceleration with the systemized traffic management. In addition to this, they offer a free F5 Application Speed Tester, termed as FAST, for performance improvement of the system.

[sc:postad ]The demand for watching videos online through mobile devices has risen from the past few years. Live streaming of videos puts a tremendous amount of stress on the networks and the servers, leading to the poor performance of applications, affecting the productivity and the revenue. F5 Application Acceleration Manager has come up with a proposal to push the applications web and cloud based, for increased application performance, and ultimately delivering the better user experience with improved data center efficiency.

There are many different solutions for better video delivery and web performance, which are being adapted by the companies, but that only adds the IT expenses and involves lot of complexity. F5 utility helps in solving the common issues by advanced techniques, including HTTP Live streaming, forward error correction and symmetric optimization.

The utility reduces the waiting time of the page load and the amount of data sent to the mobile devices drastically, enhancing the video quality and better performance of applications. It allows the organizations to support legacy and emerging procedures, leading to the automatic optimization of the applications.

The utility is a freeware and is expected to be available in June, 2013. With the adaption of such utility in the market, organizations will get more time in building the smart applications without much bothering about troubleshooting the infrastructure.

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