ThreatMetrix Cybercrime Defender Platform

The leading cause for a tax related identity theft is account takeover; ThreatMetrix is one of the largest and fastest growing cybercrime prevention solution providers.

[sc:postad ]With the rise of easy and convenient online transactions for customers there also was a rise in the risk of them being robbed online. Cybercriminals use pop ups, spam messages and even phishing emails to get hold of a taxpayer’s personal information and then in the name of the IRS or any other tax preparation site rob them without the taxpayer even noticing it.

Once the taxpayer accidentally provides all of his or her personal information on the authentic looking IRS pop ups, the cybercriminals ask the users about their income and other personal details, they further prompt them to enter personal information to download their tax statement if accidentally one provides them with such details then their account is taken over by the cybercriminals. Then they use them to login into IRS websites or any other tax preparation site and then file a false tax form.

Individuals as well as companies need to secure and protect customer data transactions against payment; Thanks to ThreatMetrix Cybercrime Defender Platform all of the above crisis can be evaded. ThreatMetrix other than providing computer software also provides users with mobile applications to ensure safe and sound secure transactions through your mobile phone or Smartphone.

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