New F-Secure Online Scanner – FREE

F-Secure have sought to rebuilding a faster, more powerful, and lighter online scanner too. The scanner is reduced to a slim size of 5MB and has the capability to clean advanced rootkits as well as difficult to remove malware.

[sc:postad ]The software installs itself on a virtual drive, not consuming any physical space on the user’s hard drive. A survey has found that over 44 percent of consumers feel that they are insecure while surfing the malicious internet. They are afraid clicking to any link which may lead to crashing their system or breaching in to steal personal or confidential data.

The F-Secure Online scanner is available for free online and provides an all in one cleaning solution which includes removal of viruses as well as rootkits. The procedure to removal of rootkits is complex and time consuming which requires separate CD’s or flash drives very often but the F-Secure is an Online Scanner which requires no CD.

The advantage of having this online scanner is its simplicity, speed and universal usability. It is a small but power packed tool to detecting latest threats in a jiffy. The online scanner is not a complete replacement to your full scale prevention solution, for that you can download their F-Secure Internet Security 2013, a complete protection solution to all your security needs.

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