Barracuda Networks – new release

Barracuda Networks, one of the leading providers of security and storage solutions, have come up with their newer version 7.8 with the target of minimizing the effects of automated attacks from the networks setup for malwares, either by hackers or criminal organizations.

[sc:postad ]The automated attacks seem to have affected the banking sector and few web platforms like WordPress and because of that the need for providing the advanced security and protection has become inevitable. Barracuda is known to provide the traffic based information based on geographic locations and IP addresses. With their newer version, they have come up with some more advanced features which can make the systems malware prone.

With 7.8, they have come up with Barracuda IP Reputation, which is able to provide the detailed categories of infected systems. This helps administrators to identify the cause of the attacks quickly. Besides this, the implementation of CAPTCHA for the suspicious clients is an added feature in their updated version. It also has the ability to set client browser environment in the system, through which the chances of attacks, such as malicious javascripts or unintentional download of a virus, can be reduced.

Data transfer rate, i.e. Throughput is increased up to 4Gbps in their newer version. Integration with Kerberos security procedures help user for one time login across different Web services. Certificate Revocation Lists (CRL) which stores information related to revoked certificates, serial numbers and the dates, is available in 7.8.

The updated version is free for the existing users, and for new ones, its price ranges from US$4,999 to US$61,599, depending on the model they buy and the region they buy from.

Barracuda Networks is currently providing service to 1.5 K organizations in the world, and with their 7.8 release, they go even strong in terms of security and storage solutions.

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