Top 10 Cryptocurrencies plunging in sell-off

All top 10 crypto are plunging, most of them loose double digit percentage in value.

XRP goes under 1.3 USDfor the first time in a very long time

Bitcoin under 12300 USD.

And the trend might not stop with tons of news claiming that governments will regulate or even ban the cyrpto markets, although that might be hard to accomplish:

France declares war on cryptocurrencies 

South Korea regulations might happen

China takes on the cryptocurrencies

On top of that seems that 50% of the mining power is shared between few miners either we talk of Bitcoin or Ethereum. So not so decentralized are these cryptocurrencies.

Now this article makes A LOT OF SENSE when saying: Instead of distributing the money far and wide, it traded central bankers for an un-elected group of miners.

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