Another Virus Bulletin AntiSpam Award For Fortinet

[sc:postad ]Fortinets FortiMail is one the top five anti spamming solution software available in the market. The software’s robust performance, malware detection capabilities which has 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 356 days a year regular updates of the ever increasing viruses and malwares database, provided by FortiGaurd global. The important point that has got the company all eyes on it is that it has 23 consecutive Virus Bulletin Anti spam Award under its belt.

The software prevents unwanted viruses but also prevents your personal data from being misused from the internet. Recent surveys show that the number of cybercrimes has been increasing. Cybercriminals use phishing, pop ups and other means to attract users and extract all their personal information like credit card numbers and so on, and later rob them.

The company uses it vast experience on securing small as well as large business service provider networks protect themselves against spamming, phishing, malware and other mail borne threats.

FortiMail recently launched it updated version FortiMail 5 with advanced features which mainly include Groupware functionality, MSSP- specific enhancements, and Category Web Filtering and Content Protection.

The FortiMail requires very less maintenance and always catches customers under its nets because of its affordable services; the software’s false positive rates as well as the spam catch rate were well above average when compared to its other 18 competitors.

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