Gartner’s Magic Quadrant Awards Gemalto For Its User Authentication Services

[sc:postad ]Gemalto one of the leading digital security solution provider has been given the stature of being a User Authentic Leader in the Gartner’s 2013 Magic Quadrant. The Quadrant generates a report on strategic analysis of key service providers on their ability to perform efficiently and the completeness of vision. Gemalto over the years has been able to gain the trust of customers and has been reaching new heights ever since.

Gemalto’s accuracy of their strategy of providing end to end solutions and dedicating itself to solving specific problems that the regular vendors suffer from, gave it the chance to outwit the remainder of its competitors.

The company has dedicated itself to customer satisfaction and believes that the complete customer experience begins with a portfolio with superior solution, and continues its services with dedicated support. The company provides authentic technology services to higher levels of security provision stated their Senior Vice President of Identity and Access, Francois Lasnier.

Gemalto provides the world with its vast range of services and products to thousands of enterprises and service providers. The company is dedicated to focusing on the technology development to ensure that the products are designed to fit in the market trend and fulfill its every customers needs with high quality protection.

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