Google Chrome is rolling out an integrated ad blocker

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Website owners make money on ads so having and Ad Blocker in place is not so fair on them. But is not fair on users either to be assaulted with intrusive ads.

Google is the first ad beneficiary in the world with their Adsense ProgramĀ and just took the first step in “mediating” this conflict between readers and website owners. And comes with gears on both ends :

For website owners Google enabled in Webmaster Console something called Ad Experience and will inform website owners of potential ad abuses. Failing to correct this abuses will result in getting the boot. The guideline will bet

For readers Google will launch this integrated Ad Blocker that will ban the intrusive ads. On the long term the scope is to make Ad Plus or similar ad blockers obsolete because is cutting from Google Adsense’s money pie.

The best part is that newbie users that usually got their pc infected with an virus via questionable ads will be better protected

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