Infrastructure automation benefits

If you are considering automating deployments for example then you should realize you are not going to save minutes or hours every day by having it in an automated way. You will solve problems with the product that may prove critical at times.

Automation will force you to enforce security. Sounds catchy, well it is true. You will no longer have to manage credentials on working stations that could be subject for a system breach.  You will no longer  grant unneeded permissions. In an automation system you will grant only the permissions required, the appropriate credentials for every process resulting in a more secure infrastructure.

Among the problems that automation solves I would continue with the need for documentation. All your procedures will be perfected and transformed into infrastructure-as-code and configuration-as-code, making documentation obsolete.

The efficiency of your technical team will grow the more you automate. Replacing bash scripts with technologies that are well documented, tested and wide accepted like Docker, Jenkins, Kubernetes etc. will help your technical team to be better and improve faster, while also allowing you to add new developers or replace team members very quickly.

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