Imperva Is An Award Winning Business Security Solution Provider

A pioneer and leader, Imperva, of an emerging new category of business security solutions announced that it examined the dangers involved in third party code in cloud computing. Imperva has been providing cloud based deployments for securing businesses to thousands of firms spread among 60 countries.

[sc:postad ]Its services include data theft, abuse and fraud from an insider, monitoring and controlling data usage while streaming huge volumes of business transactions, and because of its services it has been an award winning security service provider.

Back in December 2012 a professional hacker entered Yahoo’s vault with an SQL injection attack and was able to take advantage of the vulnerability that was provided by the third party application. This attack opened the eyes and ears of network providers to tighten security and not give even the slightest opportunity to the cybercriminals to breach their walls again.

Imperva recommends firms to conduct an assessment related to Web application vulnerability. Usage of an automated security web application which will instantly detect and help prevent potential vulnerabilities that are addressed in the software development life cycle. Imperva also recommended user to deploy a Web Application Firewall which serves as a security policy enforcer and prevents web applications which are vulnerable to exploitation.

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