Online Games Are Infected With Malware

World of Warcraft, Runescape, League of Legends,  Minecraft and World of Tanks are five of the world’s most well-liked computer games which are played by approximately 330 million people throughout the world and these are part of  multi-billion-dollar industry. As the popularity of these games is increasing day by day, these are becoming the prime targets of the cyber criminals. AVG researchers have found that more than 90% of games contained some types of malicious code or malware.

[sc:postad ]The malicious code or malware will attempt to destroy the saved passwords which are stored in the computer’s web browser keypass. If any sensitive information is found there, the attacker would get informed about it via email. So it means that there is a strong possibility that you would lose your game altogether and the attackers would get profit by selling your account in exchange for money.

So the gamers should always be careful when they download a hack from a sharing website. They should also make sure that the latest and strongest security products are installed in their computers. In order to make the gamers more secure, AVG Research Group has recommended certain things for them which include not to download cracks, hacks, and unofficial patches; only to download patches from sites of official game provider’s and to vary login details that means to use different passwords and user names for every single game account.

If you think your computer have already been infected by malware, do not be late to change your password and then contact your game provider to stop entrance to your account. Install update security software and perform a full scan to your computer. If the scan finds any malware, try to remove them by using security software. If it does not work, contact AVG Techbuddy Experts for help.

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