Symantec Internet Security Threat Report

Symantec Internet Security Threat Report reveals that cyber espionage attacks are hitting the manufacturing division and small businesses more and more in order to steal online informational data. Small businesses are the most attractive targets and a primary step to ultimately attack larger companies. Aside from that, consumers are always subject to constant mobile threat.

[sc:postad ]According to this year’s ISTR, the cyber crime is not slowing down rather new ways of stealing information are being devised in order to attack big companies and organizations. Because of today’s IT complexities like mobility and cloud and virtualization companies need to be more active and stronger security software should be used to keep themselves protected from the cyber criminials.

Attacks are growing more among businesses that have less than 250 employees. 31 percent of the total attack is targeted to the small businesses. More attacks are targeted to the small organizations because they are supposed to be of less security controlled.

In 2012, manufacturing was in the top of the target list. Symantec believes that the manufacturing divisions and the knowledgeable workers are being the prime target because the cyber criminals think that they have valuable intellectual property in their possession.

Mobile malware increased up to 58 percent last year and 32 percent of them tried to steal information like phone numbers and email address.

In addition, 61% of websites that have been infected with malware and malicious code are legitimate websites. Shopping, technology and business were three of the top five which were infected. Another growing infection is malvertisements which is applied when the criminals purchase advertising space on legal websites and make a use of it when they need to keep their attack code secret.

Symantec is the master of online security that ensures your online application to be protected and your data not to be stolen. You can be 100% sure that you would the best service ever possible on earth.

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