SecureCheq – A Free Utility From TripWire

Tripwire, known for providing the risk prone security, ensuring the system and data security, automating regulatory compliances, are coming up with their new utility, SecureCheq, for evaluating and repairing the most common and most critical configuration vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows desktops and servers.

[sc:postad ]Microsoft Windows operating system, which is playing a very important role in today’s computing life itself contains many security configuration errors. SecureCheq will be targeting these errors. It will evaluate them and repair them through step-by-step remediation. Configuration errors can be a serious threat as they can be easily exploited by attackers and hence it is very necessary to focus in this area.

Repairing these configuration errors is often termed as System Hardening. SecureCheq assesses the configuration of the system by performing common configuration error tests and provides the accurate information with the steps that can be taken to harden it.

It is compatible with Windows Server 2003/2008/2012, Windows XP, Windows 7 and the latest Windows 8. It covers various factors while evaluation of configuration errors such as operating system hardening, data protection, communication security, user account security and logs/audits. It uses OVAL (Open Vulnerability Assessment Language) for the configuration errors reporting. OVAL is an open source language for providing the automation amongst security services.

Tripwire has excelled in the field of providing the security controls such as security configuration management, vulnerability management, file integrity evaluation and log/events management, ultimately allowing the agencies and enterprises to run their business with security.

SecureCheq is a freeware utility. Many organizations fail to make their system secure from these configuration errors, maybe due to the lack of resources or lack of knowledge. Tripwire has taken a step forward by coming up with such utility, which can be very useful and handy in terms of secure configurations.

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