Security Without Antivirus Using A Live USB Device

The question may seem to be quite absurd, but yes, it is indeed possible to secure the system without even using the antivirus software.

[sc:postad ]The rate at which the newer versions of the antivirus software are coming into the market is almost equivalent to the rate of new malware attacks in the network. With the tremendous risk of viruses, Antivirus softwares do not promise to provide the 100% security. The need to provide some unique way to get rid of the attacks has become inevitable.

idcloak Technologies has come up with one such way to provide the security within the network without any use of antivirus software. They empower the users to access the internet through a Live USB device, with dedicated operating system into it and hence creating a virtual environment which has nothing to do with machine’s hard drives. The users can plug the device in, use the internet and then unplug it. All the viruses downloaded during the browsing time, will be undone after the device is unplugged.

Live USB systems are absolutely free for the Linux environments, whereas for Windows operating system, Windows-to-go is the only official Live USB product, which comes up in Windows 8 Enterprise edition.

idcloak is also known to provide the information for the protection of devices against various attacks, steps that can be taken in case of system hacking, controlled access of sites, private browsing and a lot more.

The adaption of this alternative way of antivirus protection may be quite challenging as well, as there are users who still believe in using the standard Microsoft Internet security system. Perspective needs to be changed, knowledge needs to be imparted to the users, and the idea by idcloak can bring the revolution for sure.

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