Sophos Offers Free Anti-Virus For Mac

Sophos, a well-established anti-virus software company, offers free anti-virus for Mac Home Edition on Facebook’s anti-virus marketplace (AV) in English, German, French and Spanish languages.

[sc:postad ]Sophos’s free anti-virus addresses the increasing concern of the Mac users who are in trouble because of the constant threat of Mac malware. Sophos’s free anti-virus would protect Mac home users from all types of threats of all versions which includes the current version OS x 10.8.3. It can be downloaded at free of cost from both Sophos website and Facebook AV Marketplace.

At present, more than one billion facebook users who use Facebook AV Marketplace and Sophos comes out with the new free anti-virus program in order to ensure the safety of the large number of users. Sophos’s free anti-virus is now of great demand throughout the whole world. Because the popularity of Apple products is growing day by day, they are increasingly eye-catching targets to hackers. The availability of Sophos’s free anti-virus on Faceboon AV Marketplace makes the users feel secure and it brings peace in their mind.

There are approximately 100 million people in 150 countries who are totally depended on Sophos security solutions because it can protect them from data loss and keep their computer free from virus. If you are with Sophos, you no longer have to worry about your computer and your data.

You just need to keep in touch with Sophos and the strong and protective software of Sophos will ensure you a virus- free computer. If you are a Mac user, there can be nothing more exciting for you than the Sophos free anti-virus because it is the best way to keep your computer free from virus and to enjoy unlimited data entry in your computer. So just download it for free and keep protected.

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