Stonesoft Receives Recommend Status by NSS Labs

Stonesoft has demonstrated excellent capacity for appropriately identifying traffic threats and it has been awarded the “recommend” status by the world’s top network security research organization NSS Labs.

[sc:postad ]The NSS experts found that the Stonesoft Management Center was very intuitive and solid and they were pleased with its broad operating system. The test report of the NSS Labs also shows that Stonesoft is one of the few NGFW vendors that normalizes the data before inspection. It helps the device to work out accurately and ensure minimal triggering during evasion handling. It also ensures the device to handle all variations of all evasion techniques.

The continual recommendation of NSS Labs clearly indicates that Stonesoft is one of the best in providing the best quality services for its customers. We have a strong security system that ensures the flexibility to arrange a customized solution and to provide the customers with enough confidence that they are being given the comprehensive and dynamic network security that suits their needs.

Stonesoft Corporation provides its customers with software based customer-driven and dynamic cyber security solutions that ensure the security of information flow and security management. Stonesoft serves public and private organizations that require ease-of-management, high availability, compliance, dynamic security, and business continuity in opposition to today’s fast evolving cyber threats.

Stonesoft has customers throughout the whole world and it works with more than 6,500 organizations which are of middle and large size. Stonesoft has high customer retention rate because of its low TCO, excellent customer service and flexible licensing model. Aside from that, Stonesoft has a large number of exciting offers for its customers. If you are interested in working with Stonesoft, please contact us as soon as possible. We are always ready to serve you the best.

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