Avira Survey On Personal Data Use Shows Chaos

A recent survey performed by Avira showed that 86% consumers think that they have no information about how corporations use their personal information and 81% of users would like to have more control over their personal information on the internet.

[sc:postad ]Consumers have no clue whatsoever of what is happening to their personal information over the internet and that is what scares the hell out of them. Most of the consumers have no idea that they have more control of their data than they can even imagine. Preventing personal information from being misused in several ways has become one of the leading problems, on this date.

One of Avira’s services is the provision of Browser Tracker Blocker which disables the advertising tracker on computers and mobile phones, and they can control many privacy and security settings on various social networking sites.

Avira is a 25 year old company that is one the leaders in the world of security solutions. Over 100 million consumers in the form of individuals as well as businesses have gained trust over Avira’s services. Over the years they have been providing IT security protection to servers and networks, computers and even Smartphone.

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